10 Items You Need For a Successful Home Office

You’ve decided to work remotely, and you’re trying to set up a nice place for you to get your work done. What do you need in order to get settled into your home office and stay focused while you do your job?

Here are 10 items you need in order to work from home successfully and efficiently.

1. Standing Desk

Sitting down with poor posture can cause a terrible amount of back pain. Instead of spending your office hours sitting down, try using a standing desk that will allow you to get your work done without being hunched over or immobile.

Standing Desk Converter: $299.99

2. Ergonomic Chair Cushion

If you choose to work while sitting, you can get ergonomically shaped office chair cushions for added back support. Cushions can help to straighten your posture and relieve the pressure put on your lower back while sitting. 

Memory Foam Seat & Back Cushion: $49.95

3. Blue Light Glasses

When you constantly have to look at a monitor, it’s important to protect your eyes from blue light exposure. With a pair of blue light glasses, you can avoid eye strain and headaches after working long hours at your laptop. 

Blue Light Filtering Glasses: $19.99

4. Candles

When you’re working, it’s important to keep your office space looking and smelling pleasant. Find a candle that makes you happy and stimulates your senses so that you can enjoy your time in the office just a little bit more. 

Peace Essential Oil Candle: $12.00

5. Whiteboard

Whiteboards are a great tool to help you map out your thoughts, write visual reminders, and brainstorm new ideas. You can get a roll-out whiteboard that can hide away while it’s not in use, or simply hang one on your wall for easy access anytime.

Aluminum Framed Dry-Erase Board: $125.99

6. Desk Organizers

A big distraction while you work, is desk clutter. Stay on top of your organization by purchasing containers, file folders, and extra shelves to keep all of your office items neatly put away.

Desk Organization Set: $14.99

7. Noise Cancelling Headphones

Block out the chaos of the world with noise-canceling headphones. You can blast music that helps you stay focused and keep out extra sounds that might break your focus and distract you from working.

Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones: $279.00

8. Yoga Mat

If you’re sitting down for the majority of your workday, it’s crucial that you get a little bit of movement in your routine. Store a yoga mat in your office space so that you can take quick breaks to stretch out your body, prevent muscle tension, and lower your stress.

Gaiam Premium Yoga Mat: $29.98

9. Smart Assistant

Need an easy way to set reminders for upcoming meetings and appointments? Using a smart assistant device like an Amazon Echo makes it easy to make to-do lists, set timers, play music, and access other convenient features solely with voice control.  

Amazon Echo (4th Gen): $99.99

10. Salt Lamp

Salt lamps are known to purify the air and enhance the mood of a room. You can make your workspace feel more soothing in the midst of stressful working conditions with a small salt lamp on your desk or bookshelf. 

Himalayan Salt Lamp: $12.14