5 Life Hacks for Living in a Small Place

5 Life Hacks for Living in a Small Place

Whether it’s heading off to college or downsizing to a tiny home, living in a small space can be liberating. It can also be challenging. Utilizing every life hack possible to simplify your space is key to a successful lifestyle. Here are five life hacks for taking advantage of every square inch of that small space.

1 Hideaway Bed

The bedroom is one of the most private rooms in the house, but the bed can take up a lot of space. One solution is to create a hideaway bed to take advantage of the maximum of square footage in the room. Also referred to as a Murphy bed or wall bed, this style hides away into the wall or under another surface to save space. It’s an economical way to open up more living area in any room.

2 Wheeled Storage

Another hack for a small space is to utilize storage on wheels. Tiered tray roller carts offer flexible storage that can be moved from room to room and even easily broken down if needed. Wheeled storage can come in a variety of colors and types matching the perfect aesthetic for any decor.

3 Vertical Greenery

Have a tiny house? Love plants but don’t think there’s enough room inside? Utilizing wall space for greenery and plants reduces clutter while still providing a healthy platform for plants and succulents. Vertical planters can be hung directly on the wall near a window for optimal lighting, growth and performance.

4 Combine Spaces

A simple hack for getting the most bang for your buck when it comes to space is combining living areas. It all depends on what there is to work with, but some examples are:

  • Double the kitchen counter or table as an office desk.
  • Utilize the roof area for a patio and hangout area.
  • Use a bunk bed/desk combo to provide under-the-bed space for a computer nook.
  • Create a cutting or vegetable garden on the balcony or roofing area.
  • Use a pull-away over-the-bed desk as an office or entertainment area.
  • Create window seats and entryway benches to add more space and storage.

Portable TV trays that can easily fold up and store behind couches or chairs are also a great way to get extra table space when company visits.

5 Utilize Unused Spaces

There are nooks and crannies in every room that go unused. Check under tables and beds and make use of existing wall cabinets for storage or display. Buy ottomans and coffee tables that have built-in storage space. Choose stackable and portable appliances like washers, dryers and dishwashers that take up less room.

Living in a small space may take some getting used to. Using the most out of each square foot makes it less cluttered and more manageable to live in and entertain.

~Here’s to Your Success!