5 Mistakes You’re Making At The Gym And How To Get Back On Track

gym mistakes

With the start of the new year, many people have made themselves promises to start new habits. One of the most popular resolutions is going to the gym regularly, even though about 80% of new members end up quitting after just a few months. A few mistakes at the gym can severely hinder your results. 

Most gym newbies are making fixable mistakes that discourage them from keeping up with their fitness. If you’re looking to stay active, here’s how you can avoid these rookie mistakes and stay on track toward your fitness goals.

Mistake #5: Too much cardio

Cardio machines are the most self-explanatory pieces of equipment in the gym. Because it’s so user-friendly, most people end up using it too often in their workout routine.

The problem with overdoing it with cardio is that on top of burning fat, you can accidentally cause yourself to burn muscle as well. Gaining muscle requires a specific target heart rate to help you get your best results. If you go over that heart rate, you risk losing excess weight while trying to bulk up.

Mistake #4: Overworking your body

You want to make sure that you’re getting a full-body workout, no matter your fitness goals. Find different days each week to focus on a particular part of your body.

By alternating each body part you’re working on, you also give your body some time to rest and recoup. For every intense session you have at the gym, it’s crucial to also have some downtime. 

Mistake #3: Unbalanced diet

How can your body perform at its best if you’re not giving it the fuel it needs to do so? Keep track of your daily eating habits to see what kinds of nutrients you’re taking in.

Everybody’s diet has to be custom to their body type and fitness goals. If you want to get a better idea of ideal diets for your body, check out this link that will help you figure out what you need to be eating.

Mistake #2: Lack of hydration

Many people forget to bring the right amount of water for their workout. Medical professionals suggest that every 10-20 minutes during exercise, you should be drinking between 7-10 ounces of water. 

That’s not to mention the water you should be drinking before and after you hit the gym. When dehydrated, you’re more prone to getting cramps and feeling nauseous. 

Mistake #1: Poor technique

Having poor technique when you run, squat, lift, or do any other strenuous exercises can be detrimental to your health. Without proper form, you put your body at risk for injuries that prevent you from maintaining an active lifestyle.

Ask your local gym if they offer training to help you learn the right form you need to get fit. Trainers can help you achieve your goals while staying safe at the gym. 

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