6 Ways to Get Yourself Motivated

When you’re faced with a big challenge, it can be easy to shut down. When the daunting task at hand seems insurmountable, how do you keep moving forward?

Here are 6 ways you can stay motivated no matter what circumstances you face.

1. Set Small Goals

It’s easy to overwhelm yourself with your own aspirations. If you want to stay motivated, set small goals for yourself so that you can build self-confidence by accomplishing a lot of little things. This will help you to know your capacity and know how to tackle big projects in the future.

2. Stay Inspired

The best way to motivate yourself is by inspiring yourself. Whether you listen to a playlist, watch a speech, or recall a mantra it’s important to realize what keeps you going when you’re stuck in a rut. Know what you respond best to when you need a bit of encouragement, whether it’s an uplifting message or a little tough love.

3. Get Moving

Sometimes you need to get active in order to feel motivated again. Go for a walk, do some yoga, have a dance party- anything to get the blood flowing and bridge a connection between your mind and body. Having a physical expression of stimulation can help your mind stay active as well.

4. Know Why You Do It

There’s no point in completing a task without reason. Before you start anything, make sure to take time to recognize why you’re doing it. Maybe you’re trying to pay off a loan, or maybe you’re providing for a loved one. Regardless of the reason, what matters most is that the reason is important to you.

5. Have Accountability

It can be extremely frustrating to face motivation on your own. Ask a trusted friend to help keep you accountable to complete the task at hand, checking in with you and possibly even providing an incentive. This will help place greater pressure on you to keep up the pace you set for yourself.

6. Keep It Pushing

Resilience is key to maintaining motivation. You may not know that you’re capable of doing a major task until you get through it. Recount all the times you kept your head down and persevered, letting those stories propel you forward into new things.