Confidence Makes Money. Here’s How to Get Both

Confidence Makes Money - Here's How To Get Both

What’s the secret to enjoying limitless success and getting loads of money? Bill Gates once said that confidence can be very powerful; it gives you the motivation to try new things and the endurance to stick with them until you get it right, which is a precursor to success. If you don’t have the confidence to try, or to pick yourself back up again after failing, there can be no success. Fortunately, confidence can be cultivated. We’ll show you how.

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Confidence is the key to success and money. But what if you’re not a naturally confident person? Don’t fret! You can cultivate confidence by putting yourself out there, finishing projects and moving forward. Follow these steps to become a confident, successful leader all on your own – no magic involved.

Want Confidence and More Money? Follow These Steps!

Put Yourself Out There and Make Connections

Professional networking can be terrifying. If you’re an introvert, it might as well be a nightmare. Striking up conversations with strangers, telling people about your skills and asking for a referral or job can be paralyzing. If you don’t network because you’re frozen in fear, it’s time to take a different approach.

Instead of trying to sell yourself or your services, reach out to people that you genuinely admire to see how you can help them. Show interest in their endeavors; develop a friendship. Once you engage with them, you’ll find the conversation about your skills/offerings happens naturally and without fear.

Each time you successfully connect with another person you admire, you will gain confidence in your ability to network. More networking = more money!

Believe in Yourself and Finish Projects

When times get tough, it’s human nature to want to give up. The human brain contains self-protective instinctual measures that make us inherently opposed to anything we find unpleasant. Thirty thousand years ago, that prevented us from dying to dangerous predators or environmental influences…today, it sabotages us in everyday situations.

Instead of running away from your projects or making excuses, dig deep within yourself to find the will to finish the project. Even if you don’t necessarily like the results, it’s still very worthwhile. A finished project will propel you along the road to success and riches faster than 10 forgotten, dusty projects.

Each time you finish a project, you will gain confidence in your ability to finish future projects. You will also find that your skills improve, which means you will be able to produce more projects of better quality in the future. Sounds like success to me!

Make Decisions and Keep Moving Forward

Once you start gaining confidence in your ability to network and finish projects, you will begin to trust yourself and the decisions you make. Confidence builds on confidence, meaning that it actually can be helpful to “fake it until you make it.

Imagine it: no longer will you agonize over every little detail. You will make decisions quickly and decisively, which will allow you to grow exponentially.

What’s not to love?

The future is yours! Success, confidence and money are all there for you. All you have to to is reach out and grab them. If you’re hesitant at first, don’t give up. Start small and build confidence as you grow. Soon, you’ll have enough confidence to conquer the world.