Easy Ways to Keep Calm During an Interview

Interviews can be terrifying. There’s a lot riding on such a brief moment in time, and if you don’t respond in just the right way it can cost you a potential job.

So how do you remain relaxed when you’re put in a high-pressure scenario that can determine your next place of employment?

Here are some simple tips to help you nail the interview process without giving in to panic.

Pause before you speak

Despite the pressure you may feel to respond quickly to questions being thrown your way, there’s no harm in taking a moment to think before you speak. This will help you to have better clarity of mind and communicate your thoughts more articulately. Even just waiting a few seconds before giving a response can make all the difference in how you come across.

Encourage yourself

If you’re wanting to do well in an interview, don’t forget to stay positive! Know the things that inspire you, and hold onto that motivation even when you may be doubting yourself. You have strengths and talents that brought you to that meeting- trust your instincts and let your positive attributes shine.

Focus on your breathing

When you’re in a stress-inducing scenario, it can sometimes get hard to breathe. The reasoning for this is because the muscles that help you breathe tighten, forcing you to inhale faster than normal so that you can get enough air. During moments when you’re not speaking, be aware of your breathing so that you can stay calm, cool, and collected.

Get there early

Punctuality is an important characteristic to have in any work environment, and is extremely attractive to a future boss. It’s also a stress-reliever to show up early to an interview. This gives you time to find your meeting location, collect your thoughts, and possibly even chat with potential coworkers that can vouch for you during the job selection process.

Be conversational

There’s a natural ebb and flow to simple conversations that can be comforting in times of stress. The casualness and familiarity of friendly verbal interaction can help reduce your stress when meeting with a potential employer. View the interview merely as a conversation with a specific end goal. Doing so may help you stay true to your personality, even under the pressure that an interview brings.