Home Gardens Can Save You HUNDREDS On Groceries

Home gardens

Home gardens are a great way to save money on expensive groceries. Plus, what can make fruits and veggies taste as good as knowing you grew them yourself? 

Even if you don’t have a green thumb, you can always learn to garden like a pro. New gadgets and tools are coming out to help you grow the best garden possible, no matter your skills or your living situation!

Whether you live in a house with a spacious backyard or a cramped apartment, you can start your own cost-effective home garden.

 Different Ways to Garden Outdoors

The first way to garden is the old-fashioned way. Make some room in your backyard, spread some seeds, and tend to the garden until you can reap the delicious and cost-efficient benefits of your hard work. 

Purchasing a raised garden bed is a great way to garden without having to crawl around in the dirt all the time. These wood or metal structures are perfect for any yard and can be a great accessory to your backyard aesthetic. 

A personal greenhouse is another great way to care for those fruits and veggies. A greenhouse isn’t necessarily a whole house or even a structure you have to build. There are many tent-like structures that you can buy or make to keep your produce at its prime no matter what the weather. 

Another great way to garden outdoors is a walled garden. This type of garden saves tons of space in your backyard by allowing plants to grow from the walls of your house. Wall gardens are durable, somewhat self-watering, and inexpensive. Plus, it’s absolutely beautiful!

Different Ways to Garden Indoors

Outdoor gardening is a great way to get some fresh food, but it isn’t practical for many people. You shouldn’t miss out on a garden just because you don’t have a backyard. 

One great way to get the same effect as outdoor gardening inside your home is by using smart gardens. These are singular or tiered individual gardens that come with an LED light and controllable settings. Smart gardens are the best way to grow the plants you want in a more accessible and efficient way.

Another great way to garden indoors is by using a tower garden. These vertical structures save tons of space in your home but can hold many different plants. Tower gardens require only about 10% of the space and water that you would traditionally use for an outdoor garden. Plus it’s a beautiful accessory for the corner of your living room.

Home Gardening Tips that Will Save You Big Money

Doing product research is one of the best ways to stay cost-efficient in this game of gardening. However, there are a few extra tricks that can save you even more money.

One way to save money is by strategically choosing your fruits and veggies based on price. Gardening will save you tons of money on expensive produce, but it may not be worth the trouble to grow food that is already sold for cheap at the store. 

Another factor to consider is which foods you will be eating the most. Growing foods you eat a lot will save you a ton on your grocery bills. For example, you could grow onions, peppers, broccoli, cucumbers, potatoes, and lettuce so that you don’t have to buy them in bulk at the store for family dinners. 

Other fun things you can try to save money are making your own compost and learning how to propagate. You could also experiment with different fertilizers. Coffee grounds, tea bags, vinegar, citrus peels, and banana water can all keep your garden growing.


With a little bit of pricing research, the right supplies, and some elbow grease, home gardens can save you a ton of money and taste incredible.