How to Fight Burnout

We are smack in the middle of a fast-paced world at a time when the global pandemic and struggling economy make life super stressful. Crunching deadlines now goes far beyond the workplace, seeping into home life, too. From juggling multiple sports to taking kids to extracurricular activities and driving Aunt Edie to her medical appointments, it all begins to add up. And that hectic schedule can eventually leave you feeling completely and utterly burned out. 

The WHO calls “burnout” an occupational hazard, but in reality, it can affect every single part of our lives. It also carries serious consequences for sufferers. Here’s how to beat the feeling and get your sanity back!

Nurture Your Soul  

Putting in over 40 hours a week at work and still managing to find a balance between solitude and family life is a challenge. Walking through the door tired and stressed every night after work can make you feel hollow and worthless. Learn to nurture the soul and remind yourself how important you are! 

Take at least 30 minutes each day to practice positive self-talk and meditate in silence. It will help balance your soul and calm racing thoughts. Give yoga a try, too! It’s a stress-free way to stretch out tired muscles and improve blood flow to the entire body. 

Last but not least, repeat this mantra every single day: “It’s okay to take a break. I deserve rest and self-care.”

Learn to Set Boundaries 

Being pulled in many directions stretches you thin. Before you know it, you’ve dumped all your positive energy into someone or something else that really isn’t a priority. YOU should be your number one priority! Protect your personal time and space.

First, learn the art of saying, “no.” No, you can’t take on another project at work, at least until you’ve finished the last one. No, you are not hosting Thanksgiving this year. No, you can’t babysit the neighbor kids every day after school. 

Taking on too much because you’re afraid to say no can sabotage your personal and business life, triggering serious burnout. Learning to stand your ground will leave you with more time to dedicate to what really matters.

Find Your Rhythm

You’ve spent the last six months working from home. While it has its perks, you’re not meeting strict deadlines. The problem is you’re bombarded with family issues and interruptions throughout the day. 

Say your energy levels and creativity peak at night. Try to roll with it and let your circadian rhythm be your guide. Change your schedule so you can work in the evening rather than during the day. Adjust your sleep schedule accordingly. Plenty of rest is key to avoiding serious burnout. 

Break Up the Workday  

We are all super busy. The words “rest” and “fun” may not be a part of our vocabulary, but they should be. No matter where you’re at, whether it’s home with the kids or stuck in a busy office, try to step away for a few minutes every now and again.

Call these your power minutes — just a few moments to leave your existing space to breathe, detach and recharge. Set a goal for once a day and work it up from there. Feel guilty? Don’t. This is for your long-term mental health.      

You wouldn’t think of skipping an annual visit or doctor appointment if you had a physical ailment. The same is true for mental health. Burnout will catch up with you and may lead to physical problems like stress, anxiety, and depression. The good news is you can change it now. So, make yourself a priority, okay? Be happy, have fun, breathe. Life is too short to accept anything less.