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How To Live Rent-Free With These Hacks

It’s hard enough giving the majority of your paycheck towards your rent. It can be even harder watching your rent increase over time. The idea of living rent-free sounds like a distant dream- but it might be more realistic than you think!

With each year, rent pricing has gone up by 8%. The cost of living in a rental is growing more expensive with each lease renewal.

This may surprise you, but there are a number of ways to get by without paying rent. Never pay for rent again with these hacks!

  • Rent Out Your Space

If you’re wanting to save money on rent, one way may be to find a cheap apartment in a rough part of town. The rent would be cheaper there, yes. But is that really what you want to spend your hard-earned money on?

Did you know it’s possible to live in the best neighborhood in an area of town everyone wants to live in? Better yet, what if you could do this without paying rent?

The way to make this happen is by renting out a bigger apartment at your own rate.

You can do this by renting out a 3-bedroom apartment and negotiating the rent with the landlord. From there, seek approval from them to rent out the other two rooms. 

With the part of town being prime, everyone will be looking for a space to live in there. You’ll be able to rent out the other two rooms for a price that will cover the whole rent. This is a great house hack that many people do to avoid having to pay rent ever again.

  • Government Assistance

Suppose you can’t afford to pay rent anywhere. There are programs funded by the government available to help lower-income people afford their mortgages. 

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development offers free applications for those who need financial assistance. It can give you the help you need while you get on your feet to live independently.

  • Jobs With Housing

Many families hire people each year to take care of their home if they travel most days of the year. Other families need extra assistance in taking care of their children.

Both of these options give opportunities for you to never have to pay rent again! 

Families will pay people to house-sit and nanny, and both will cover any costs of living at the home. Not only is it rent-free, but rent is nonexistent with this option.

There are websites such as and where you can find job opportunities for house-sitting and nannying to never pay for rent again. 

  • Host Families

If you want to get by without a monthly rent, this can be the perfect time to travel around the world! 

There are several countries you can live in with a host family that will hire you as a volunteer. Websites such as help connect travelers with families in over 170 different countries.

This hack is a great way to travel and learn about new cultures, all while living rent-free!

  • RV Life

Did you know over a million people in the U.S live in an RV? Crazy, right? This is a great way to live rent-free while still having your own space.

This is a very affordable option, especially if you don’t plan to move around a lot and find free parking!

Living in an RV gives you your own space, cheaper rate of living, and works great for those with work-from-home jobs.

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