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Pay Less For Car Insurance With These Hacks

One expense that is common among most people is insurance. Whether it’s a car or a home, having some protection over valuables is important. But when it comes to car insurance, you can actually pay less every month to get the same protection. 

If you’re looking to bring your monthly auto insurance expenses down, there are some easy ways to do it. Pay less for car insurance with these helpful hacks!

Buy A Used Car

Buying a used car will automatically save you money versus buying a car brand new. Drivers save up to 27% on their insurance by purchasing an older car instead of the latest model.

The older the model, the cheaper your insurance will be. When searching the market for a car, be sure to learn about its effects on your insurance rate. 

Factors that will impact your insurance include the year, make, and model of the car. Be sure to pay attention to these things when choosing a car to save and pay less for car insurance!

Maintain A Good Credit Score

This hack is easier said than done, but it majorly reduces your monthly car insurance bill. Having a good credit score opens the door to opportunities for insurance premiums. 

Insurance premiums can add up and end up lowering your car insurance. Even improving your credit score by one tier can save you up to 17%!

Use Technology

Use technology to your advantage, and see your savings add up from your auto insurance! Using an electronic signature has an average annual savings of $16.

Also, using electronic fund transfers can make a difference. Having your expenses automatically transferred from your account to the insurance company can save you another 1.5% a year. 

While these amounts may seem small by themselves, together they will add up to more savings than you think. These are just little things you can do that will help you spend less on car insurance.

Be Organized With Payments

Being organized includes being willing to pay your monthly bill before it’s due. Paying for your insurance early will make your annual auto premiums cheaper.

You also have the choice with most companies to either pay in full for the year or monthly installments. If you’re in the financial position to do this, you can save up to $73 for the year!

Avoid Accidents

This is an obvious one, but it makes one of the greatest impacts on your insurance expenses. While accidents are never planned, they’re definitely avoidable.

Car crashes are where insurance comes in handy in protecting your finances. However, car crashes also spike your insurance rates. 

For those driving more carefully and defensively, statistics show that your chances of getting in a crash are much slimmer. By avoiding car accidents, your insurance rates will gradually decrease in price over time. 

Compare Insurance Rates 

Company insurance rates and deals change with each year. While one may be the best option one year, another may lower theirs the following year and be more affordable.

Always compare companies to ensure you’re on the most affordable plan possible. 

There are websites such as The Zebra that help do the work for you! They calculate the difference between company insurance rates so you don’t have to do the hard work yourself. 

You can’t always avoid fluctuations in auto insurance rates. However, through these hacks, there are ways you can pay less for your premium. 

Be mindful, educated, and organized so you get to watch your savings grow!


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