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This Is What Your Handwriting Says About You

It’s funny how some of the most seemingly insignificant things you do can tell others a lot about your personality. Your handwriting happens to be one of those things.

Your outgoing nature, your emotional state– they’re hidden in the letters you write. All it takes is a little self-awareness and you can find out what your handwriting says about you.

Handwriting Styles and What They Mean


Writing with large letters can mean that you’re a people person– you’re outgoing and extraverted. However, large letters can go a little deeper than that.

Large letters can also mean that you’re acting out of fake confidence, most likely rooted in shame. Writing like this often indicates a need to be seen by others. 

On the other hand, small letters emphasize a shy, reserved nature. You tend to be detail-oriented and concentrated on the goals you truly care about. 

Average-size letters indicate strong adaptability to life circumstances. You can handle whatever life throws at you with a few adjustments.

Letter Distance

The number of letters you connect or how far your words are spaced can tell a lot about you. Connected letters tend to mean that you’re in tune with your emotions. You’re more self-aware and enjoy having deep relationships.

Separated letters often mean that you appreciate independence and value freedom. You tend to be more relaxed than your tight-writing counterpart and take your time making decisions and forming opinions.

Pen Pressure

The pressure you put on your pen while writing typically points to your current emotional state rather than your overall personality. However, if the pressure level is consistent, pressured writing indicates responsibility and reliability, while light pressure indicates sensitivity and empathy.


The presence and direction of slanted writing typically have to do with your desired experiences. A lack of a slant often means you take a practical and objective perspective when perceiving the world.

Slanting to the right shows an openness to experience. You’re incredibly adventurous and fun-loving. 

If your writing is slanted to the left, you tend to focus on yourself and personal goals rather than others. You wouldn’t consider yourself a people person and favor behind-the-scenes work compared to showmanship.

Communication Letters

Communication letters are the letters that psychologists refer to when making a mental health diagnosis or a personality trait assumption. These are letters like “A,” “O,” and “E.”  

If you tend to leave gaps in letters like “O” or lowercase “A” and “E,” you may be more socially conscious. Closed letters are often written by meticulous, thoughtful, and introverted individuals. 


Lastly, your signature. A lot can be said about you by the way you sign your name!

If your signature contains large letters, it tends to mean you enjoy showing off a bit. Whether it’s your performance, style, or personality, you enjoy expressing yourself to others.

The more legible your signature is, the less you have to hide. If your signature is illegible, that tends to mean that you tend to hide your thoughts and feelings from others.

A bold or long dash in your signature can indicate purposeful separation from others. You have difficulty being vulnerable and being too close to others.

 Now, grab a pen and paper and get to analyzing!

Who knew you could learn so much from a little bit of analyzing something as simple as your handwriting? Understanding what your handwriting says about you is extremely useful whether it’s to gain some self-awareness or impress your friends.

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