Prime Online Job Search Tips

Sure, we’ve all heard the old stories, your grandma used to look in the newspaper classified section when she needed a new job, then she’d hit the pavement and start leaving her resume at reception desks all over town, but things just don’t work like that anymore. Nowadays if you aren’t maximizing your online job search tools, you’re missing out on the hottest jobs. After all, 54% of American adults have looked for a job online. Savvy job searchers know you have to keep your finger on the job search pulse if you want to be able to snag the best opportunities as soon as they pop up.

If you’re ready to amp up your next job search, feast your eyes on our list of the hottest online job search tips.

1 – Sign up everywhere

We know there are thousands of job search websites, and trying to figure out how each one works can be a pain, but it really is worth setting up an account with each one of them. While they each work differently, most have tools you can use to help you accelerate not only your job search process but your application process.

2 – Have several different versions of your resume ready to go

Every job search article tells you that the first thing you should do is get your resume spruced up—and that’s true! One thing they may not tell you is that your resume should have versions that are tweaked to better highlight certain aspects of your skills set, your education, or your experience. For instance, you may be applying both for regular and managerial positions in your given field. You need should have a resume that highlights your management experience when you apply for managerial positions and another that highlights what a spectacular team player you are for lesser positions. Always tailor your resume to the exact job you’re applying for, but to speed up the process, have a few different versions ready to go so that your tweaking process is streamlined.

3 – Use your connections

Unless you’ll face some sort of backlash or fallout at your current position, you should immediately activate your friends, family, and contacts to help you find a new job. Tell people they can text or message you about any job opportunities they hear about. While it may not be smart to make a job search announcement on social media, it is wise to make sure word gets around to anyone who might be able to help. You never know where your next job lead will come from!

4 – Join a job search group

There’s nothing like gossip to help you understand the lay of the land. Consider joining a job search group to hear the latest about hot new interview questions, or new job search portals. Think of it like pooling together the knowledge of thousands of job searchers rather than everyone going it alone. You’ll hear lots of do-and-don’t tips along with both horror and success stories. Sometimes the best possible way to learn is from other people’s experience!