Top 10 Trending Home Decor Items That You Need To Buy

Social media is full of ideas to help you update your living space to make it look stylish. But what trends are worth your while, and which ones are only going to fade out?

Here are 10 of the most worthwhile home decor trends that are sure to make your room look more aesthetic.

1. Ceramic Vases

Ceramic vases are a fun and easy way to bring a fun pop of color to any room. If you’re trying to save some money, you can always go the DIY route and paint some thrifted vases with acrylic paint. Find an easy tutorial here

White-Washed Ceramic Vases: $34.00

2. Plants

No room is complete without house plants. It brings a lively, outdoor feel to indoor spaces and helps to purify the air. Even if you don’t necessarily have a green thumb, there are plenty of low-maintenance plants that take more effort to kill than to keep alive. 

5-Plant Set: $60

3. Wood Garland

Make the most of your table space by decorating flat surfaces with wood garlands. This trendy item is simple and minimalistic, giving you a flare of natural style without totally stealing the show. 

Wood Bead Garland: $29.00

4. Bohemian Accent Rug

The playful patterns and vibrant colors of bohemian accent rugs pull together all of the design elements in a room. These rugs are known for their versatility, and they look great in the center of a living space.

Boho Medallion Area Rug: $39.99

5. Curtain Lights

Is your room a little too dark, but you don’t have enough outlets to scatter lamps everywhere? Curtain lights can light up your wall with string lights that offer a soft, warm glow to your space. 

LED Curtain String Lights: $15.00

6. Wall Baskets

Bring in vintage vibes by decorating with wall baskets. They’re a fun item to collect and make a gallery wall out of! You can use them as a small pop of texture or completely cover your wall in an eclectic array of baskets.

Woven Wall Decor: $39.60

7. Moss Centerpiece

Having outdoor elements inside makes a space so much more peaceful. Moss centerpieces are a whimsical addition to tables and countertops that provide a pop of greenery.

Dough Bowl Moss Centerpiece: $89.00

8. Large Floor Mirror

There’s no better way to open up your space and check your outfit of the day than with a large floor mirror. You can even personalize it with fairy lights, stickers, and small accent rugs. 

Oversized Framed Floor Mirror: $109.43

9. Textured Throw Blanket

Throw blankets are perfect for adding more color and texture to your room. They look great stored in a cute basket as well as draped on large furniture such as couches or beds.

Anthropologie Knitted Throw Blanket: $103.60

10. Golden Floor Lamp

Gold accents look super chic in any room, especially golden lamps. Create a stylish reading nook where you can unwind by adding a funky floor lamp. 

Gold Touch Floor Lamp: $179.00