4 Realistic New Year’s Resolutions You Can Actually Accomplish

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New year’s resolutions- it’s a tradition that’s impossible to escape. People plan to make all sorts of drastic changes, but they often give up and lose motivation within the first few weeks of the new year. Research even shows that about 80% of people who make resolutions break them by mid-February.

So how can you beat the odds and actually stick to the goals that you set? By being realistic. Here are 6 feasible resolutions that you can easily accomplish in 2022.

1. Cook dinner 3 times a week

Studies show that the average American spends $3000 annually by eating out at restaurants. This is an astronomical amount that makes up about half of the standard food budget. In order to save money and prevent unhealthy food choices, you can set a goal to cook dinner at least 3 times a week as the new year rolls around. It takes a bit of intentionality and planning, but cooking dinner for less than half of the week is a manageable way to start a new habit of eating at home. This can also create an opportunity to spend meaningful mealtimes with people in your household.

2. Read 10 books

Our minds are constantly hungry for new information, but we often suppress that hunger by scrolling through social media or watching mindless videos. Instead of spending your spare minutes on your device, what if you read a few pages of a new book? You can set a goal of 10 books to read throughout the year, helping you establish a habit of reading which greatly benefits your overall brain function. Just think- you can gain 10 new perspectives, learn 10 new skills, or discover 10 new fantasy worlds by opening up 10 new books this year!

3. Volunteer once a month

The most useful resolution you can make for the new year is taking time to serve your community. You can give back by scheduling a day to volunteer at least once a month, taking intentional time to do good deeds that act as a blessing to people that are in need. If you don’t know where to start, you can get matched with a volunteer organization that best suits your skills and commitment level by creating a profile with VolunteerMatch. This will help you discover new places you can volunteer your time and resources so that you can focus more on helping others this year.

4. Take a walk every day

It can be easy to be overwhelmed by your environment and feel stuck in that stress. When you’re feeling these things, challenge yourself to get outside and go for a walk! Your walk doesn’t have to be long or strenuous, some days it may last for 15 minutes and some days you may want to wander for 2 hours. The most important factor is that you give yourself enough time to see a bit of nature and process the thoughts that have been bouncing around your head all day.