4 Ways You Can Celebrate Christmas While Staying Socially Distanced

In 2020, Christmas is looking a little bit different. Many families have canceled their big gatherings and are instead choosing to spend the holidays with the people in their household. Is there a way to still enjoy festivities in the midst of social restrictions and isolation?

If you’re looking for some ideas to help you spread some Christmas cheer, here are 4 ways you can celebrate Christmas while staying socially distanced.

1. Cheerful Cards

Everyone could use a bit of encouragement during this holiday season. If you want to spice up your traditional Christmas plans, write mystery cards for people in your neighborhood. You can write something simple and uplifting, leaving them at neighbor’s doors for them to find. This can be a small yet meaningful gesture to people that may be spending the holidays alone this year.

2. Baking Kits

Do you miss having friends and family over for holiday baking? Even if you can’t cook in the same kitchen, you can still find a way to share the love and make a dessert together. One way to do this is by preparing a baking kit, packaging the ingredients together needed and dropping them off at the doorstep of a loved one. If you want to keep to the tradition of baking with them, you can set up a time to video chat while so you can still spend time together.

3. Virtual Concerts

Do you like to sing or play an instrument? You should put on a virtual concert! All you have to do is log into your social media account and start live streaming your favorite Christmas tunes. That way, you can still sing Christmas carols without any health and safety risks.  If you create a flyer, you can send it to friends for them to repost on their pages and help you gain a bigger audience.

4. Christmas Crafts

There are countless ideas and tutorials for holiday-themed crafts that are available online. You can find instructions for anything from kid-friendly paper plate Christmas masks to dried orange slice garlands. If you want to stay in the Christmas spirit, doing these kinds of crafts can boost your mood and help you celebrate. And the best part is that you can give away the finished product as a personalized gift to someone you care about!