5 Morning Routine Hacks to Boost Productivity

Do you feel like you never have enough time to get everything done? If you’ve ever looked at a highly successful person and wondered how she can get so much done in just 24 hours, you’re not alone! The more productively you use your time, the more time you’ll have for the most important things in life.

People with higher self-esteem tend to be more productive, as do happy employees. Highly successful people have mastered the art of using time wisely, and we’ve got tips on how you can hack your morning productivity just like the pros do.

Don’t Multitask

Everyone used to say that you should multitask in the morning. Read the paper while you eat your cornflakes, or check your email while you’re on the treadmill. It turns out highly successful people figured out that trying to multitask is a mistake, because 98% of us just don’t multitask well. So just focus on each morning task individually, so you can finish it quickly and efficiently.

Drink Water

Drinking a glass of water first thing in the morning can jump start your metabolism and make sure you’re well-hydrated for your peek hours of productivity later in the morning. And don’t stop with that first glass, keep drinking water all day long!


Your brain actually isn’t at peak performance right after you wake up, so that’s a great time to get in a quick cardio workout. Even a 10 or 15 minute workout is enough to get your blood flowing and those endorphins pumping.

Eat a Hearty Breakfast

Yes, your brain needs fuel. Reach for breakfast foods that will keep you full and running at peak efficiency until lunch. Great options like oatmeal, yogurt with fruit, or eggs and toast should do the trick!

Wake Up at the Same Time

Try to keep your sleeping and waking cycle (also known as your Circadian rhythm) as regulated as possible. This can help prevent feeling tired all day, or having trouble falling asleep at a good time at night. So find your ideal wake-up time and stick to it everyday.

Now that you’re ready to jump start your morning productivity, people will be asking you for tips on time management!