5 Signs You Should Drop a College Class

To drop a class or not to drop it? Many college students face this mental struggle at some point, be it in high school or later on in college. It can be difficult to determine whether it’s time to throw in the towel or buckle down and make it work. Here are five signs it’s time to go ahead and drop that class like a hot potato for your own good.

#1 You Don’t Need It

You thought you needed it for your major, but you later realized it’s useless. Or, maybe you changed majors along the way. Why take it if you aren’t enjoying it or don’t actually need it to achieve your goals? 

Save yourself the time and money and drop it. Just make sure to do it before the deadline so you can get your tuition refund in full.

#2 You Can Drop It Without Losing Anything

Check the requirements for any funds you’re receiving before you impulsively drop that class. If you can cut your schedule without harming yourself financially, the move might be worth it in the end. 

Never drop a class that takes you from full-time to part-time status. You may end up having to pay back grants and other forms of financial aid. 

#3 You Are Absolutely Going to Fail 

This situation plays out more often than you might think. For better or worse, some students just don’t thrive in certain subjects. Others get caught up with life and are too far behind. If you can’t see any way to pass, it might be time to move on and drop it. 

The reality is simple: if you fail, you’ll have to repeat it anyway. You might as well get out now and try again later. Sticking it out could bring down your GPA. 

#4 It’s Wrecking Your Mental Health

This may be on the list as number four, but it’s absolutely the number one reason to quit a class. Your mental health is worth way more than a single semester of suffering.

Maybe you hate the professor. Maybe the work is just too overwhelming. Or, maybe you experience constant anxiety and dread over the coursework. Whatever the reason, if a class is having an impact on your mental health, drop it. 

It’s okay to step back when you need it. You’ll figure out a better time to retake it later. Or, you can find a different path forward. 

#5 You Are Overwhelmed and Overcommitted

Have you signed up for so many classes that you aren’t doing well in any of them? If this item makes you want to #facts or drop a “hard relate,” then you might want to consider narrowing your course load down to the essentials. 

Remember the golden rule: you can have poor performance in a bunch of classes or excellent performance in a few. What’s it going to be? 

Make sure you keep the credits you need to maintain your student status as part-time or full-time. But don’t take on so many that you can’t possibly excel in any of them. Finding a balance could help you feel more successful in your studies.

It’s normal to feel anxious about dropping a class. Consider this your handy-dandy guide to knowing when it’s time to hold ’em and when it’s smart to fold ’em. Then, take a deep breath, kiss that class goodbye, and get back to enjoying your semester.