Budget-Friendly Ways To Decorate For Halloween

Decorate for Halloween

There’s nothing quite as nostalgic as a festive holiday, and Halloween is no exception! However, it usually costs a pretty penny to decorate for Halloween.

Most people like to decorate with haunted home decor to get in the holiday spirit. Spooky skeletons, ghastly ghosts, wicked witches- all of these things make any space a little extra creepy.

All of these items tend to add up. But you don’t have to waste your hard-earned cash buying pricey Halloween decor when you can make it yourself! Here are some ideas for DIY decorations that you can make with really inexpensive materials.

Skeleton Hand Candle Holder

With a skeleton hand from the dollar store, some glue, and a little bit of paint skills you can create a bone-chilling piece of Halloween decor!

Start by shaping the hand to hold the candle. You can do this by cutting apart the joints and glueing them back together in your desired form. After that, you can use a combination of white and brown paint to make the bones look more realistic.

Hot glue the hand to a silver tray so that the hand is protruding from it. The hand needs to be bonded strong enough to hold the weight of the candle of your choice, which you can also glue down for added strength.

By following these instructions, you can create a creepy candelabra that looks like the undead is lighting up your hallway.

Skull Chandelier

White and brown paint once again come to the rescue in this innovative DIY project. Start by painting several plastic skulls to look more realistic and grimy. After painting, cut out holes at the top of the skulls to insert battery-powered LED candle sticks.

Stain a wooden hoop in a darker color, and attach the skulls to the stained hoop in a circle. To finish the chandelier, all you need to do is attach a plastic Halloween-style chain to three different points on the hoop. Leave enough slack to hang it from your desired place in the house!

With these DIY projects and more, your home will be ready to scare trick-or-treaters in no time.

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