Get Focused Fast With These 4 Game-Changing Apps

It’s so easy to lose your focus while you’re working. Between social media notifications, work emails, constant phone calls, and countless pop-up ads it’s hard to escape small diversions that threaten to pull you away from the task at hand.

But what if you could work without having to worry about these detrimental distractions?

Try out one of these 4 apps that can change the way you work for the better.


Music has a lot of influence on your mood, and has found the perfect way to use this influence to your advantage. With a wide variety of styles and objectives to choose from, ensures that their app will help you experience improved focus in just 15 minutes of use. Their development of functional music helps you to stay concentrated and block out other noises that may try to steal your attention as you work.

2. Freedom

Freedom is a website blocker that allows you to set controls on your device so that you can stay on task. This app gives you the power to schedule times dedicated to focused work and block lists of undesired items on your device, even syncing these personalized settings between several different devices. You can also use an advanced locked mode that can’t be reversed on days when you’re feeling extra distractible. This app takes a unique approach to website and app blocking by helping to remind you that ridding yourself of interruptions is not restrictive- it’s freeing.

3. Rescue Time

Rescue Time helps you to take back control over your schedule and manage your time more effectively. You can receive statistics that reveal your level of productivity, and analyze the amount of time you spend on apps or websites. This app can also help you improve your work discipline by setting a timer and blocking sites that are unproductive. It’s easy to integrate with other productivity apps on your device, and is a great daily tool to help you efficiently manage your workload.

4. Forest

By using Forest, you can put every minute of productivity to good use. The app allows you to set a timer for whatever task you need to work through. For every designated time of focus that you successfully complete, you can earn items to gradually build a virtual forest. And the best part? As you earn virtual coins by using the app, you can spend those coins on real trees that will be planted by the nonprofit organization Trees For The Future to regenerate agriculture in impoverished areas.