How Much Do Successful People Prioritize Self Care?

How Much Do Successful People Prioritize Self Care?

Self care means putting yourself first and taking care of personal needs not just to prevent burnout, but to increase the chances of being happier and more successful themselves. Successful people avoid being rundown and overextended by practicing self-compassion, setting boundaries and constantly prioritizing. Doing this on a daily basis fuels the nourishment needed to succeed in life. Discover how you can benefit from it, too.

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With everything from Yoga to eating well, making yourself a priority can have profound effects on health. It’s easy to get entangled in everyday life stressors, even if they aren’t your own. See how to prioritize self care to become more successful in your personal and professional life.

Want to Be Successful? It HAS to Start with Self-Care.

Making Diet and Exercise a Priority

Successful people work hard to get to the top, and the foundation of that starts with a healthy lifestyle. What you put into your body plays an important factor in how it will perform. This starts with making diet and exercise an everyday priority, depending on your own health needs. Eating the foods that benefit your body most and watching sugar and fat intake is a good start. Make exercise part of your daily routine, even if you can’t hit the gym. A short walk or even some active time with the kids can offer more benefits over time than you realize.

Finding Ways to Reduce Stress

Keeping stress at bay plays a vital role in how well the body handles itself under pressure. Successful people tend to see “stressors” as learning opportunities rather than vacuums they can get sucked into. They also understand that it’s important to live in the moment, rather than making things worse by worrying and losing focus on what’s really important. Remember, stressing about a thing does not have any impact on the thing or its outcome at all. It only multiples the effect of negative outcomes, because you were putting yourself through them before they even happened.

Saying No

Sometimes you just have to say no. Make your boundaries known and only stray rom them in emergencies. (No, you can’t take time off to run someone to the store, but when the spouse is in the ER, it’s time to go.) People who live their best life know how to say no and their life is better off for it. You don’t have to go to every social function or take on every holiday dinner, especially when a huge burden falls all on you. Avoid burnout by knowing what your limits are. If something or someone has brought on added strain in the past, don’t sacrifice your own peace of mind to revisit that situation.

Embracing Happiness

Pay attention to how you measure “success.” If it’s based on your bank account alone, you’re likely to find yourself still in search of the key to your own happiness. Successful people make time to do things that make them happy, knowing that happiness only increases their ability to focus and increase their chances of success.

Self care includes looking out for yourself in every sector of life. Nurturing body and mind allows you to better succeed at everything you do. Half the challenge of self care and success is knowing what makes you thrive and doing it often. Look inward rather than outward, and you’ll find the key you’ve been searching for.

~Here’s to Your Success