How Playing Video Games Helps You at Work

How Playing Video Games Helps You at Work

Forget the haters who tell you video games are a waste of time. You might be able to use the skills you’ve gained from playing games to be an asset on the job. Maybe you have an educational background in gaming or design — that can help too. Check out how those skills can help make you a success.

Gaming Gives You Management/Team Leader Tools

Do you live and breathe video games? Are you a high-scoring gamer with a plethora of followers? If so, having that following and knowing how to connect with others may help you with a management position. Employers are looking for team leaders who gain the attention of other employees and encourage them to engage. Companies seek out these managerial go-getters to help boost morale and keep production in high gear.

Brings Your Graphic Art Skills to the Table

Do you enjoy designing and sketching existing or new video game characters? Showcasing the art and design that you create based on video games can help you move up in your job position. Employers love creative minds that bring new ideas to the table. Use the design skills you’ve acquired from video games to create advertising or landing pages for the company you work for.

Shows Off Your Software Development Skills

Do you have a solid work history in developing specific software programs for video games or databases? If you’ve been the brains and ideation behind tweaking existing programs or your own, tell potential employers about it.

Employers are looking for developers and those with a true vision in relation to cutting-edge technology, which includes video games. This is beneficial for fixing software glitches or suggesting improvements within an outdated management system. Include this in your cover letter and mention it at your next job interview.

Gaming Makes You a Problem Solver

Consider yourself a techie? Or video game geek? Those titles are nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, good tech and gaming companies can’t be without this valuable team member. Employers are looking for employees who are solid problem solvers. If you have a knack for solving gaming puzzles or glitches and are a pro at teaching others how to handle technical problems, this is a great career option. Good tech support pros rake in around $50,000 annually.

For the gaming enthusiast, taking those skills and bringing them to the worktable is beneficial. Employers are seeking those hidden skills, so be sure to showcase them on your resume. You just may land your dream job!

~Here’s to Your Success!

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