How to Write a Fearless Resume

Time to dust off your resume? Sure, it’s never anyone’s favorite task, but perking up your resume can be make-or-break when you need to snag the attention of a future employer. But what should you include and what shouldn’t you?

When it comes to writing an attention grabbing resume, fearlessness is key. Sure your cover let should be tailored to the specific company and position you’re applying for, but your resume should be tweaked for each application as well. We’ve got tips to help you fearlessly highlight the reasons that you’re exactly the employee any company needs.

Continuing Education and Certifications

This section is huge. Lots of people list their high school diploma, or their bachelor’s degree. One quick way to standout is to list any additional professional certifications or programs you’ve completed as well. Did you complete a logistics course online? Are you certified for specific softwares or applications from Google, Microsoft, or Adobe? Be sure to list them!

If you don’t have professional courses or certificates, why not? There are lots of fabulous online degrees and programs that could help boost your resume and career!


No, you shouldn’t list your GPA, but numbers really do matter on your resume. Did you increase sales for your department? List the hard numbers of your performance results! Did you oversee other employees? State how many people you managed! Did you cut administrative costs for your department? List the percentage! Numbers are exactly the concrete data that can help a prospective employer understand why you’re the results driven team member they need.

List Specific Tasks

It’s always tempting to be vague on a resume, but listing specific tasks you’ve performed regularly at past positions can help a hiring manager spot how you would be best suited to a specific position. Don’t just say you managed client accounts, say you communicated daily with clients and to ensure their expectations were met, compiled weekly statistical reports and had bi-monthly calls to keep customer satisfaction high. Try not to write paragraphs, but be clear about the tasks you have performed that show off your skills.

A great resume can get you the job you’ve been dreaming about. It’s always worth taking extra time to check that the professional picture you’re presenting is one that would make any employer want to hire you.