Why Do You Feel Shame?

Why Do You Feel Shame?
Shame is a nasty feeling that can change how you see yourself. It’s a deep-rooted emotion that can be extremely difficult to counteract, but do you know why you feel shame? Shame is a sickness everyone deals with at some point, but what is the cure?

The Difference Between Shame and Guilt
To understand shame, you have first to understand what it’s not. Shame is not guilt, but it sure does look similar.

If you feel guilty, you feel as if you did something wrong. You have the desire to fix your mistakes. On the other hand, shame is the feeling that says you are inherently a bad person. 

Shame makes you believe you did a bad thing because you are bad. This feeling leads to hiding, insecurity, and low self-worth. 

Guilt can push you towards doing better next time, but shame leaves you wanting to give up because you feel broken. So what can you do to fix this?

Why Do You Struggle With Shame?
You can only eliminate your shame by first understanding why it’s there. You must dive into the history of your shame to uproot it.

Shame stems from your internal dialogue, moves to your feelings, and emerges through your behavior. What you say about yourself internally affects you in every area of your life. 

Thinking Differently
Your internal dialogue has a lot of power over how you see yourself, so it shouldn’t be taken lightly! Use internal dialogue that builds yourself up rather than tearing yourself down. 

Tearing down shame takes practice, patience, and gentleness. Understand that every person is both broken and beautiful at the same time, including you.

Take the time to give yourself grace for being imperfect, and you will see a change in how you perceive difficulties. You don’t need to feel shame forever!

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