4 Ways to Ditch Couch Potato Syndrome for Good

4 Ways to Ditch Couch Potato Syndrome for Good

Couch potato syndrome is an epidemic in the United States. Only about half of us get the recommended amount of aerobic activity. And, that’s not all. While statistics vary from state to state, many regions have high numbers of inactive adults. For example, 32% of adults in Kentucky don’t engage in any physical activity.

If you’d like to get off the couch and be more active, we have a few tricks you can try to break the couch potato habit for good.

Don’t Rely on Willpower Alone

When you want to make a change in your life, any change, you cannot rely on willpower alone. Why? Willpower is great for starting a journey, but it quickly runs out.

You can liken it to the battery life on your phone. You start out with a great charge, ready to do anything, but your energy level and motivation decrease with time. In essence, your willpower gets depleted over time. And if you’re relying on willpower alone, you’ll soon find that you’re back to old habits once it does.

Learn a New Hobby or Skill

People who are addicted to television often say they use it to stave off boredom and fill time, as relayed by VeryWellMind. If you find yourself turning to television because you’re bored, it may be time to pick up a new hobby or skill. Hobbies are entertaining and keep you engaged. What’s more, they require time to learn and pursue. All the time you spend doing an activity you love will translate into less time wasted in front of the TV.

Cultivate Your Social Life

Another way to stave off the boredom and pass time in an enriching and enjoyable way is to cultivate your social life. Spending time with family and friends is a great way to get off the couch, and it may even improve your mental health. According to Psychology Today, happy people spend less time watching TV and more time socializing.

Change Your Reward System

Humans are motivated by rewards, even small ones. The problem with breaking a TV habit is that it’s enjoyable and relaxing. If you have a few snacks while you watch TV, it can be even more rewarding.

The key is to change your reward system. Look for ways to make TV less rewarding — like not snacking while watching TV. Conversely, look for ways to make not watching TV more rewarding. Love ice cream? Reward yourself with a cone after taking an evening walk at the park.

Couch potato syndrome can be detrimental to your health. In fact, being sedentary for 20 years doubles your risk of early death. Getting active can reduce that risk and help you feel better, lose weight and manage certain medical conditions, such as high blood pressure and diabetes. The sooner you get active, the more rewards you’ll receive, so turn off the TV and get moving!

~Here’s to Your Success!

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