5 Mantras for Days That Never Seem to End

5 Mantras for Days That Never Seem to End

Most of us have had those days, right? Some of them fly by before you know it, while others may seem to drag on forever and leave you feeling like there’s no escape. But chances are, you’ll come out on the other side as you have in the past. Maybe you just need a little encouragement.

Believe it or not, the power of words can put things into perspective and help you navigate through some of the most challenging times. If you’re having a long day, here are five mantras you can use to help motivate yourself to see it through.

This Isn’t Permanent; I Will Get Through This

The nature of time means that nothing lasts forever — even in those moments when we feel otherwise. Reminding yourself that everything in life is temporary during those moments may offer you some clarity and perspective that the challenges you’re currently facing will pass. For better or for worse, you’ll inevitably get through it. In many cases, what you’re worried about today might not even matter in a month from now.

Everything I’m Doing Will Help Me Reach My Goals

When you’re going through tough times or facing bigger challenges than usual, it can help to remind yourself of the payoff to come. It can be easy to lose sight of the big picture when the little hassles and mishaps start piling up or your entire day turns into one giant mess. But if you give yourself something to look forward to or something to work for, even the longest day can feel a bit more manageable.

This Is a Challenge, Not a Punishment

It’s okay to feel sorry for yourself occasionally — seriously, sometimes you need it. But it’s typically best not to stay in that headspace. When you’re having a long day, try looking at the obstacles in your path as challenges to overcome rather than painful barriers to your success. Once you see something as an opportunity for growth, it often becomes easier to put a positive spin on it.

Be Kind, Compassionate and Brave

Think about it. What are the main things you need to fly through each day with style and grace? Sure, a rough day can feel anything but graceful — but with a little kindness, compassion and bravery, you can accomplish almost anything. Repeat this mantra to yourself in this midst of a long day to look at your situation with strength and face it with dignity and confidence.

Tomorrow Will Be Amazing

One way to help yourself endure a more challenging day is to set up the promise for a better tomorrow. And you don’t have to stop there — tell yourself how amazing, awesome and incredible it’s going to be. That way, you can have something to look forward to and go into the day with a positive attitude.

Some days never seem to end, and it’s understandable why you might get discouraged. You can make those days more manageable with this list of uplifting, easy-to-remember mantras. It may take a little practice and some commitment to weave them into your life, but you may start to see real benefits as you continue. In times of need, your mantras will be there for support — so keep going!

~Here’s to Your Success!

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