The Benefits of Cold Showers Will Shock You

Benefits of cold showers

Not much is better than a hot shower to get you warmed up in the morning. You finally feel ready to take on the world outside of your warm, snuggly covers.

Compared to the comfort of warm water, cold showers might seem like a daunting nightmare. Why would someone ever willingly subject themselves to such an awful experience?

The truth is that the benefits of cold showers might just change your life for the better.

What are the benefits of cold showers?

Cold showers boost your immunity

Cold showers enhance your immune system by increasing your white blood cells. These cells fight off pathogens in your body and calm an overactive immune system. 

At the same time that your body is fighting things off, it’s also trying to stay balanced. Cold showers help keep that vital equilibrium so that your body can run smoothly and healthily.

Cold showers help you lose excess fat

Cold showers promote metabolism in your body so that you can lose excess fat much easier. 

The cold helps your body learn how to warm itself up. When your body learns how to warm itself on its own, body heat rises, energy rises, and weight goes down.

Experiencing cold temperatures also increases insulin sensitivity, which contributes to weight loss. This helps your body not produce too much insulin so that it runs more efficiently to balance your weight and blood sugar.

If you have diabetes, cold showers may be extra beneficial to you because of their effect on insulin and blood sugar. Taking cold showers regularly can help to balance your blood sugar levels and keep any excess weight in check.

Cold showers reduce inflammation

Cold showers can help with joint issues, autoimmune disease symptoms, and so much more. Regular cold showers can be extremely therapeutic to your muscles and joints, allowing your body to work at its best and maximize recovery time.

This also helps a ton after working out by reducing soreness in the muscles. Ice baths are a common practice for professional athletes, so why shouldn’t you reap the same benefits for the work you do with your body? 

Cold showers restore health

Taking these cold showers increases the antioxidants in your body. This helps to protect your body from fatal or detrimental diseases to keep you healthy by protecting you from bad chemicals, radiation, and smoke. 

Cold showers also boost the regrowing of neurons in your brain. This means that your daily functionality and memory will get better with time. 

Cold showers help you sleep

Whether it is a cold shower before bed or lower temperatures in your bedroom, you are bound to sleep better and feel more refreshed when you wake up.

Cold showers stabilize your mood

People with anxiety, depression, and attention disorders often have a need for noradrenaline. Cold showers increase focus and mood while decreasing depression and anxiety by increasing noradrenaline. 

Lower cortisol levels are another factor in taking cold showers regularly. This contributes to decreasing your stress and anxiety.

Cold showers wake you up

Because cold showers boost mood, energy, and focus, they are the perfect way to start your day. You can leave the house feeling alert, prepared, and happy to take on the day ahead of you. 

If you are interested in adding cold showers to your hygiene routine you can do so gradually. Switching from a hot to cold shower all at once can be too much of a jarring experience. It’s not as hard as you would think to change up that shower temperature, it just takes some time.

Your body will thank you for giving it the care it needs!

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