Libra Horoscope

May 29, 2023… In the words of Ariana Grande, “I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it.” If you feel that in your heart of hearts, SAME, Libra. SAME. The vibe could have you wanting what you want in a big way. The vibe will be good for speaking your truth and asking for what you need. You don’t have to be cranky about it; just be kind. But don’t be anybody’s doormat, Libra, today or ever again. Today could be a good day to give yourself what you want, too, not just ask for it from others. Start with self-love, see where it takes you. Go on, be fabulous!

A rabbit can have the heart of a lion and a lion can have the heart of a flea. Do not let how others perceive you alter who you truly are. It is the nature of your heart that matters, not what your nature appears to be.