Pisces Horoscope

May 29, 2023… Being able to say exactly what you want can be pretty powerful, Pisces. And not just in the bedroom either, although it really comes in handy there, too. The vibes could be super strong for talking about your goals, hopes, and dreams. Your whole day could be wrapped up in trying to make time for what you want and need and figuring out a way to bring your future goals more quickly into your present. Don’t be afraid to speak up for yourself, and don’t apologize if the thing you need most will be time to yourself. You do you, and know that you deserve to have a life you love. Now go out and make it happen, Fishy!

A rabbit can have the heart of a lion and a lion can have the heart of a flea. Do not let how others perceive you alter who you truly are. It is the nature of your heart that matters, not what your nature appears to be.