Aquarius Horoscope

Feb 6, 2023… If you feel like your Patronus might be a donkey today, maybe give yourself a break, Aquarius. The energy today could have high-vibing individuals feeling a soft, sensual vibe, but it could have low-vibing individuals feeling snarly and surly. Quickly figure out which one you want to be, Water Bearer, because it could make all the difference. For a high vibing day, focus on leaning into love and being gentle with struggles. For a low vibing day (we all have them), try to open up to what you can learn from love and conflict. About yourself. About others. Maybe keep your mouth firmly shut if it won’t be controlled, but do what you can to manage all the feels until you no longer feel like hissing at everyone. Focus on love, and you’ll likely end the day more high vibing than it began.

Today’s Good Vibe: Every argument begins as a spark over kindling, and only angry energy can feed it into a flame. Why waste your fuel on someone else’s fire?