Gemini Horoscope

Dec 08, 2019… Your passions will be abundant today. If you’re feeling moved to do something special, there’s just no stopping you. A renewed zest for life can take you by surprise, making you want to sprinkle a little excitement everywhere you go. Use this passion to add extra “umph” to your to-do list, or tackle something you’ve been putting off. Ride this great feeling through the day, and you can round out your weekend on a high note.

Today’s Soul Advice: Not all journeys you go on will be your choice. Sometimes life just sends us packing down the road. Other times we start on a path and it gets rocky and steep so we want to turn back, but retracing our steps isn’t an option. No matter the circumstances that put you on the journey, every road trip can be a fun adventure — it’s all about outlook. Make the most of it.