Gemini Horoscope

May 29, 2023… Don’t talk with your mouth full, Gem — unless it’s full of awesome ideas! Being able to communicate your goals will be promoted by energies from the vibe today. You could be feeling extra talkative, wanting to tell everyone and their monkey’s uncle about your bucket list or lifelong dreams. While it’s awesome to get the word out about your aspirations, remember to make sure the conversation goes both ways. Don’t just give. Receive! After all, someone could have fabulous advice or resources for helping you achieve your goals. Don’t miss out because you’re word vomiting! Go for gold, Twins.

A rabbit can have the heart of a lion and a lion can have the heart of a flea. Do not let how others perceive you alter who you truly are. It is the nature of your heart that matters, not what your nature appears to be.