Gemini Horoscope

Feb 6, 2023… You could feel like flypaper today, Twins — sticky and sweet and unfortunately drawing mean people your way. No to the heck no could be a solid mood if you can’t find a way to use the energy today. Mean bullies may be drawn to your natural brightness and friendly nature, but you don’t have to return ugliness with more ugly. Instead, double down on being kind and work through conflict with a feeling of deep inner peace. If you don’t feel like you can draw on a sense of harmony today, know that you can always take some time for yourself. Let hardened hearts find someone else to direct their energy toward. You’ll be shining too bright for all that drama, so rise and shine like the Gem we know you can be!

Today’s Good Vibe: Every argument begins as a spark over kindling, and only angry energy can feed it into a flame. Why waste your fuel on someone else’s fire?