Virgo Horoscope

May 25, 2024… Your brain could be on the fritz today, which can be irritating. When you find it is almost impossible to focus on what you’re doing, this can be really frustrating for you. It could start a vicious cycle, as the more annoyed you become, the harder it is to get your head on straight. Don’t worry, you haven’t broken your brain, Virgo! Today’s scattered mind is a temporary dip in the road. Rather than fighting it with all you have, trying to go with the flow can ease your anxiety.

Today’s Inspiration: Music is nourishment to the soul. It brings people together. It drowns out the negative thoughts in our heads. It heals our souls and let’s us know we’re not alone. Even if you can’t hear it, you can feel the vibrations of the beat or read the lyrics and experience a connection. No matter what you’re experiencing, music is there for you.