Aquarius Horoscope

May 27, 2023… “No.” Not only is it a whole sentence not requiring explanation, it’s also a whole mood, WB. You may feel like saying no just for the hell of it, and I totally feel that with all my stubborn heart, but today’s vibes will actually be better used for standing your ground but being open to learning something new. After all… that can be FUN. Your competitive nature may be focused on the win, but it won’t really be winning if everyone loses because you refuse to consider anyone else’s point of view. Hold fast to your values, but don’t double down on opinion just because, Aquarius. You are so much smarter than that!

A rabbit can have the heart of a lion and a lion can have the heart of a flea. Do not let how others perceive you alter who you truly are. It is the nature of your heart that matters, not what your nature appears to be.