Aquarius Horoscope

Dec 06, 2019… You could be too trusting when meeting new people today. Aquarians may be known for honesty and openness, but that doesn’t mean everyone else has the same standards. When you let people earn their place in your heart instead of handing it over on a silver platter, the bond you build will be one that lasts. Try giving bits of yourself to test the waters, and you’re more likely to find the people who can bring extra positive energy into your life.

Today’s Soul Advice: Not all journeys you go on will be your choice. Sometimes life just sends us packing down the road. Other times we start on a path and it gets rocky and steep so we want to turn back, but retracing our steps isn’t an option. No matter the circumstances that put you on the journey, every road trip can be a fun adventure — it’s all about outlook. Make the most of it.