Virgo Horoscope

Feb 4, 2023… This isn’t Bird Box, dear Virgin. Go ahead and take off those blinders. They’re about as helpful as beer goggles, after all. The vibe will be encouraging big energy toward self-improvement, but before you rub your hands together in glee or do something eccentric like howl at the moon, remember that your natural ability to overcome won’t be helped by wearing blinders as you go for inner growth. Instead, it’ll likely help to keep an open mind — especially staying open to your potential, not just your “faults.” You just may figure out a few unexpected things that’ll help you move forward. At the end of the day, you can always reward yourself with a few pints and the resulting beer goggles if you so desire, Virgin. Cheers!

Today’s Good Vibe: Every argument begins as a spark over kindling, and only angry energy can feed it into a flame. Why waste your fuel on someone else’s fire?