Pisces Horoscope

Dec 08, 2019… Pisces could feel compelled to speak up today. It can be tough to watch anyone go through an injustice, and it’s even worse when the person is someone you know and care about. But, no one says you just have to “watch.” In fact, you might be the only one who does speak up. But if you do, it says a lot about you and encourages others to do the same. Life isn’t a spectator sport; what play are you going to make?

Today’s Soul Advice: Imagination is encouraged and nurtured throughout childhood, but by early adulthood we seem to lose it and adult society even tries to repress it. Your imagination isn’t gone. We’re taught to push it under loads of responsibilities and harsh reality. Yet, so much can be accomplished, discovered, and developed when people — regardless of age — utilize their imaginations. Unbury your creativity!