Taurus Horoscope

Oct 12, 2019… Taureans could be conflicted today about what they want in their lives. This could be like having to choose between the popcorn or the Gummie Bears at the movies, or it could be a lot more serious than that, too. You already know what you really want. If the problem is that you actually want two or more things that simply aren’t going to go together well, choices have to be made. You can weigh the pros and cons or you can throw darts at scraps of paper. Either way, making your choice now will lift any weight you could be carrying around.

Today’s Soul Advice: If you struggle to live for yourself, you CAN choose to live for others. Continuing to live on behalf of the things you love and those who rely on you is a noble cause in the face of inner darkness. If you need to live for people, pets or a cause until you love yourself enough to live for yourself, that’s okay. Live on. Live for love.