Gemini Horoscope

Apr 8, 2020… Geminis could be drawn to spiritual matters today. Perhaps you’re thinking about something deep like the meaning of life or something broad like finding your passion. Whatever it may be, well, you’ve heard: it’s the journey, not the destination. So, what’s the meaning of life? Well, that is the world’s oldest question, but there’s one thing about it we can all agree on: it’s about really living and being present each moment. Step into life today, and experience as much of it as possible.

Today’s Soul Advice: We are tiny trickles of water carving our own individual paths through the stone, but we are also sometimes the river forging through the canyon. Be independent. Carve your story. But also help the many other streams to forge through the canyon, too — and watch for when the time may come for you to lead the way.