Taurus Horoscope

May 24, 2024… You can experience a jolt of excess energy today, Taurus. If you’re not sure what to do with such an immense level of energy, why not use it to get up and do something active? You can get in an extra 1000 steps around your home or office. Take the stairs. Even if your body won’t cooperate, you could channel it into some extra spiritual energy towards your intentions. Not only can you burn off your excess energy, you can start the weekend on an exciting high.

Today’s Inspiration: Music is nourishment to the soul. It brings people together. It drowns out the negative thoughts in our heads. It heals our souls and let’s us know we’re not alone. Even if you can’t hear it, you can feel the vibrations of the beat or read the lyrics and experience a connection. No matter what you’re experiencing, music is there for you.