Taurus Horoscope

Jun 28, 2023… Heck-to-the-aww-no may be impressive swearing, but it won’t help you fix whatever gadget just went haywire with the vibe Wednesday. Miscommunication in general will be in the air, and without a handy gas mask, you may just have to deal with it. Step carefully when wading into arguments today, or you’ll be cleaning your boots later. Use the misfiring of communication to learn something new — about technology, about yourself, about others. Stick to your precious high road by helping where you can, surrendering where you can’t, and learning whatever will help you get through this day like the fearless Bulls are known to be.

Today’s Good Vibe: When opportunity doesn’t seem to be coming to visit you anytime soon, go knock on its door. You have the power to create your own opportunities. Talk to people, go out and explore, take action, create new intentions, or surf the web and find ways to make your own ways to move forward in what you want. You can do it.