Virgo Horoscope

Feb 22, 2024… You could wake up to what isn’t working in your life today. Even the wisest Virgo can get so involved in life that they may not realize some behaviors are destructive. When you do things over and over without thinking, they end up being habits. Are you feeling like you’re stuck on a carousel, just going ’round and ’round? The energy will be simply perfect to reflect on your patterns and re-evaluate so that you can make some solid changes. It can feel like an amazing release to get back on track and find your balance.

Today’s Inspiration: Life is filled with shades of gray. It’s not like mathematics where there’s often only one way to solve the problem. When you’re conflicted between two or more choices, each choice will probably have its own pesky set of pros and cons. Don’t be afraid to take the time to consider them before making a final decision. A little caution and planning can be a good thing when the stakes are high.