Cancer Horoscope

Feb 5, 2023… Playing eenie, meenie, minie, mo might seem like one way to make a decision. Plus, there’s always rock, paper, scissors. But if neither of those options appeals, you could be tempted to toss a sensible solution in favor of a, well, wildly wacky one, my crabulous friend. The energies could have you weighing your options and considering how to seize a big opportunity before it’s going, going, gone. While there will be normal options and crazy ones available for the choosing, you’ll want to take some time to carefully consider them all before making your move. If all else fails, a coin toss on your two fave options could have you suddenly knowing which one you want most.

Today’s Good Vibe: Every argument begins as a spark over kindling, and only angry energy can feed it into a flame. Why waste your fuel on someone else’s fire?