Scorpio Horoscope

May 17, 2022… This is the age of knowing how to make things happen. So why let evolutionary dysfunction get in the way? Scorpio, making changes (and making them last longer) will be written in the stars as the energy will reflect exceptional vibes for making waves. Sometimes change doesn’t stick because, well, old habits die hard. Luckily, transformation of the self betterment kind may actually have a running start thanks to the vibes. If it fails? Try, try again. Talk to your doctor if your evolution lasts longer than four hours… to thank us. WINK.

Today’s Good Vibe: What does being an alpha mean? Usually, as far as people go, it’s the leader of a pack of bullies, whether they are in high school or running a corporate office. Calling this type of person an alpha is actually pretty disrespectful to nature, though. A true alpha is a leader who is charismatic, empathetic, confident, and tends to the needs of their group. Let’s respect nature and redefine what an alpha is in human society — and then strive to be that if we’re called to lead.