Leo Horoscope

Oct 5, 2022… Feeling antsy, Leo? Maybe like there’s an electrical current pumping through your veins instead of blood? Well, thanks to the vibe, the day will become more and more electric as the clock tick-tocks. Instead of feeling like a hyperactive kid bolted down to a chair in the broom closet, you’ll benefit from getting out there and doing something to work through the excess energy that these vibes may be producing. The energy in the air will be yours to use as you please.

Today’s Good Vibe: What you see in the mirror is not an absolute representation of who you are. It’s easy to be a bit dismayed by the reflection of you judging yourself, but this is barely a sliver of your nature. The people who care about you get to see you as you sparkle talking about what you love or how brave you appear when you stand up for what you believe. You are more than the face in the mirror that stares judgingly back at you. You are incredible, admirable, and strong.