Capricorn Horoscope

May 17, 2022… Congratulations, you’re a winner! At least, you’re a winner in my eyes. Plus, reaping benefits and pie eating contests will be promoted by the energy today. Well, maybe not the pie eating contest bit. Reaping benefits? Heckin yeah, Cap. Just remember that fortune favors the bold, so if you’re going to win, you gotta play the game (or eat the most pies). You’ll be reaping benefits this Tuesday so long as you’ve been working on something to benefit from, which I believe you have. Work hard, reap harder.

Today’s Good Vibe: What does being an alpha mean? Usually, as far as people go, it’s the leader of a pack of bullies, whether they are in high school or running a corporate office. Calling this type of person an alpha is actually pretty disrespectful to nature, though. A true alpha is a leader who is charismatic, empathetic, confident, and tends to the needs of their group. Let’s respect nature and redefine what an alpha is in human society — and then strive to be that if we’re called to lead.