Sagittarius Horoscope

Oct 23, 2020… Sagittarians could find an urge to seek the simpler things today. Life can be very simple when you choose not to complicate things or overthink. Live in and taste each moment. Find joy in the simple and the ordinary. Look up and see the sky through the eyes of an artist or allow yourself to see the wonder in either a flake of snow or blade of grass (depending on where you are!), and marvel at how each atom creates something so amazing. Each moment is precious and can be filled with wonder if you simply allow it to be.

Today’s Soul Advice: Your soul is the key to everything. When you learn to listen to your soul’s purpose and then focus your mind to your desires, you can become more in control your life. It is just a matter of wrapping your mind around these things and drawing them to you. Don’t ever give up on your passion.