Sagittarius Horoscope

Apr 1, 2020… Sagittarians could come face-to-face with choices made in the past. Have you been having a recurring dream? Has someone recently come back into your life? Whether your past is being faced from within or without, the key to solving the riddle is facing it head on. Use present opportunities to deal with old problems once and for all. You may as well deal with the issues now, rather than kicking the can down the road again. This can lift some weight off your mind.

Today’s Soul Advice: No matter where you live in the world or your physical climate, our existence experiences all seasons in our hearts, minds, and souls. As the winter snows melt into the rivers of spring, you can wade along the banks or jump in and swim. Your seasons are turning like the Earth. Make the jump into your best life, and see where the current takes you!