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Watch As This Tiny Seed Grows Into A Giant 1,300lb Pumpkin

There’s nothing more soothing than watching a little seed blossom into something big and grand. This pumpkin seedling ended up being 600kg by the...

4 Healthy Habits That Will Totally Transform Your Day

It’s hard to do your best without feeling your best. If you want to totally turn your day around, try establishing new habits that...

How to Fight Burnout

We are smack in the middle of a fast-paced world at a time when the global pandemic and struggling economy make life super stressful....

Can This Butterfly Fly With a Prosthetic Wing?

After one of their butterflies was found with a broken wing, this husband and wife duo took on the feat of doing a little...

Hocus Pocus Sequel To Be Released

Hocus Pocus was a 1993 fantasy comedy by Walt Disney Pictures, directed by Kenny Ortega and written by Neil Cuthbert and Mick Garris. The...

Lose Your Freshman 15 With These College Health Tips

During the first year of college, most college students end up gaining a lot of weight. With poor sleep habits, an unhealthy diet, and...

5 Signs You Should Drop a College Class

To drop a class or not to drop it? Many college students face this mental struggle at some point, be it in high school...

The Real Key to Better Mental Health

What if I told you that scientists have discovered one factor which may be the key to better mental health? You might be understandably...

Top 10 Trending Home Decor Items That You Need To Buy

Social media is full of ideas to help you update your living space to make it look stylish. But what trends are worth your...

Must see Longest Cave System with Shark Fossils in Central Kentucky

Four thousand years ago, the first human entered Mammoth Cave in central Kentucky. The cave is the lowest can system in the world, with...

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