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Lose Your Freshman 15 With These College Health Tips

During the first year of college, most college students end up gaining a lot of weight. With poor sleep habits, an unhealthy diet, and...
why panic attacks

This Is The REAL Reason You Experience Panic Attacks

Imagine what it would feel like if a bear started chasing you. Your heart would feel like it’s pounding out of your chest, and...

Hocus Pocus Sequel To Be Released

Hocus Pocus was a 1993 fantasy comedy by Walt Disney Pictures, directed by Kenny Ortega and written by Neil Cuthbert and Mick Garris. The...
Meditation Apps

7 Meditation Apps That will Give you Peace of Mind

There’s no doubt that meditation is a great way to improve your mental well-being. However, if you’re not used to meditating, it can be...

Eat Out Safely With These Socially-Distanced Delivery Options

When you’re stuck in quarantine or trying to stay socially distanced, you miss out on the fun of going out to eat. But is...

Can This Butterfly Fly With a Prosthetic Wing?

After one of their butterflies was found with a broken wing, this husband and wife duo took on the feat of doing a little...

Why Do You Feel Shame?

Why Do You Feel Shame? Shame is a nasty feeling that can change how you see yourself. It's a deep-rooted emotion that can be extremely...

The Cost of Owning a Private Island Will Make Your Jaw Drop

Acres of land covered in tropical trees completely surrounded by blue open waters- could you imagine such a luxury? With such a high price...

How to Fight Burnout

We are smack in the middle of a fast-paced world at a time when the global pandemic and struggling economy make life super stressful....
Get out of your own head

How to Get Out of Your Own Head

As humans, we get in our own way- even if we don't realize it. We put negative thoughts into our minds that block us...

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